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       Primowoodslabs.com is your source for sustainably harvested live edge / natural edge slabs from a variety of Appalachian hardwoods. These gorgeous jewels of nature make stunning tables, benches, countertops, mantles and more.We have a large selection and offer planing and sanding or in the rough. Live edge slabs add warmth and natural beauty to any space.

       We are a small vertically integrated woodworking business. We start in the woods or with loggers for most of our projects although we have extensive connections for acquiring lumber if needed. We have the ability to saw, dry and mill. We control every aspect of the process including the timetable.

     Designers and architects have to work with what is available, with us the sky is the limit. Recently we were visited by one of our NY clients (See link: Taylor Creative Inc.), three weeks later their new line was delivered to NY. Creative, professional and good turn around. Please consider us for your projects.


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  bench in womens locker room at David Barton gym